The body, mind and spirit are intertwined and the health of each impacts the well-being of the whole.  It is with this belief that we founded Oak City Wellness Center. Our goal is to address the needs of all three dimensions of the individual and to provide a location where your body, mind and spirit are nurtured and restored.

The professionals at OCWC are constantly working to enhance the services we offer our clients.  Sharon works with various psychotherapy models in order to match her client styles and needs so that the benefits are achieved as quickly as possible. Mark is trained in 14 different types of massage therapy—he is able to care for a broad range of very specific client needs.


Meet Sharon

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(North Carolina License 1919)
Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Everyone has a story — the telling of how we arrived at this point in time; filled with emotional, mental and spiritual markers along the way that shape who we are as an individual, couple, family and member of a community. Our life stories are typically positive, happy and filled with treasured memories but there are some aspects that have or still cause us great pain and hamper our ability to connect with our loved ones and others.

My goal is to help you as an individual, couple or family, focus on your strengths and resiliency and the times that you were able to resolve life’s challenges effectively. Utilizing these “positives” can help solve your current personal and relational challenges effectively so that your life story may be filled with confidence and joy going forward.

I truly belief in the strength of relationship to heal not only the couple and family but the individual, as well. The family dynamic has the potential to cause us pain but it is also the power of this bond that promotes the greatest healing.

It takes hard work on the part of individuals, spouses and family members to fix dysfunctional patterns and solve relationship problems but I am willing to work hard right alongside you as I believe there is always the hope of restoration and the potential for great joy.


Mark Sheppard
Founding Partner, LMBT

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Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist
(NC License # 15366, NY License # 018105)

I am a licensed body worker in both North Carolina and New York and have been perfecting my skills for the last 13 years.

In keeping with the philosophy of OCWC, my goal is to better your whole person through the healing touch of massage therapy.  So many people have the mindset that massage is all about pampering which implies that you’re wasting money on a frivolous expenditure.  Massage is proven to: ease muscle pain, improve sleep, boost immunity, relieve headache & migraine pain and soothe anxiety and depression.

Experts estimate that 80 percent to 90 percent of doctor’s visits are for stress-related illnesses (JAMA, 2013). My goal is to combat that frightening number by helping my clients manage the stress in their lives.