Marriage & Family Therapy and Massage Therapy

Coming Together to address the effects of trauma


Our approach to therapy is founded on the belief that the mind, body and spirit are intertwined and the health of each impacts the well-being of the whole. We address the needs of all three dimensions in healing from past traumas.  Along with individual, couple and family counseling, our practice integrates massage therapy, yoga groups, mindfulness practices such as meditation, into a holistic approach to the processing and recovery from trauma.

With the focus on helping people recover and thrive, we provide counseling for individuals, couples and families struggling with the ramifications of trauma--childhood and adolescent sexual, emotional and physical abuse and other post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). The resulting symptoms from trauma of anxiety, depression, insomnia, lack of focus and concentration, memory loss, can be debilitating and we are committed to helping you get your life back.



Child Therapy

Dr. Seuss affirms what we at Oak City Wellness Center know; “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”  A small person (child) is not always able to verbalize how she is feeling about life events, and traumas.

We specialize in working with children through play therapy and sand tray therapy. These child specific interventions help them access their feelings and work through the issues that are causing them distress.

Individual Therapy

Life is beautiful but life can also be hard. Managing work, family, friends and all the other parts of our increasingly demanding lives, can lead to anxiety and depression and other mental health disorders. 

Massage Therapy

At Oak City Wellness Center we know that massage is not a luxury but a necessity.  The body, mind and spirit are interconnected and caring for the body facilitates health for the whole person. 

Couple & Family Therapy

Being a couple and part of a family offers us a sense of security and connectedness to something bigger than ourselves but, sometimes, that same system can breakdown and cause us great distress. The very people we love the most have the power to hurt us the most.  This couple and family bond--its strengths and resiliency is the most powerful force on the planet.  Oak City Wellness Center works with you and your spouse and other family members to tap into your strengths and heal your spousal, parental and child relationship.

Play. Understand. Heal.


Quite often, adults believe that because children do not talk about life events and/or traumas, they are unaffected.  This is, simply, not true.  Children have lots of emotions about divorce, death, abandonment, custody disputes, adoption, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, witnessing violence, natural disasters, illness and so many other topics.  Frequently, when a young child does not express emotion and/or talk about one of these traumas, it is because they do not have the ability to verbalize their anger, sadness, frustration and fear.  Play therapy and sand tray therapy provide a way for your child to share with an OCWC therapist what they are feeling without the use of words.  Even older children are drawn to play and sand tray therapies as these approaches allow your older child to express emotions in a playful way before beginning to verbalize their emotions.


Resilience. Strength. Restoration.


Some things that can uproot our relationship stability are anxiety, addictions, poor communication skills, loss of intimacy, infidelity, deception, parent/child conflicts.  At OCWC we specialize in addressing couple and family stressors and helping our clients come up with achievable solutions that strengthen bonds and reduce the potential for future unhealthy conflict.



Courage. Insight. Growth.


For many of us, hurts and disappointments from our present or past keep us stuck and unable to move forward.  Sometimes these life obstacles require a professional’s insight.  At OCWC we focus on your individual needs and work right alongside you to develop a strategy to overcome your challenges and to move forward in health and wholeness.


Rest. Heal. Thrive.


One hour of massage has benefits to your body that are equivalent to a 3.5 mile run—improving circulation, blood flow and nutrients delivered to your muscles and organs.  Most importantly, massage is proven to reduce stress, and its ugly effects—headaches, fatigue, tension or pain in the neck, shoulders, or lower back, Loss of sleep, irritability, mood swings, and/or hormone problems, digestive troubles, allergies & sinus problems.