Learning to Breathe

I took a break from social media and the news for the month of February and focused on prayer, reading my bible, meditating, writing, sitting with my husband at the end of long work days, talking about everything except politics, going for long walks with our dog, Clutch and learning how to breathe.  I no longer like hard and fast rules, most likely because following most all of them for the first 50 years of life without stopping to examine why seemed unreasonable and a tad insane; I looked at Facebook a few times for pictures of my grandsons, and other positive, uplifting posts, without leaving comments.  Leaving comments sucks me into the vortex of FB—lost hours watching pet videos and finding out what color my personality is and what I’ll look like at 60, 70 and 80.

The lesson learned during my hiatus from the news and social media—I’m less anxious, happier and emotionally, spiritually and mentally stronger from time spent focusing on tasks that cultivate growth, relationships, self-care, including how to breathe deeply.  A colleague introduced me to a free app called “My Calm Beat.” By breathing at 6 breaths per second the fight or flight stress signal can be switched off.  It works. Several times a day I taught myself how to breathe deeply and effectively to combat stress.

It’s March 7th;  I'm still reducing stress andI have yet to watch a FB political video, comment on a controversial post or even read one, and I cannot sit through more than ten minutes of television news. I did watch a video of a cat rescuing a dog. Did you see that one?

Here’s to wellness,