28 Days

I am undone—overwhelmed, disheartened and, honestly, a little broken-hearted too.  As I scroll through Facebook. as I listen to the news and watch video clips I feel my chest tighten, my shoulders stiffen and my head compress as if there is a 50-lb. weight pressing down on it.  The vitriol, the anger and, really, the hate flung at mere acquaintances, strangers, and even worse, close friends and family members because of differing views on who should govern us and how they should conduct themselves is, right now, more than I care to witness.  I have definite opinions and many times have voiced them with friends and family, in person and on social media but this seems different, as if there is no room, no tolerance, no acceptance that people we love and respect, may feel differently than we do.

I know many of you are immune to the barbs of others but I am not and suspect there are others just like me.  I am an INFP. What’s that mean? It’s a personality type and the letters stand for Intuitive Feeling Perceiving. In short, it means I am an introvert who most often makes decisions and deals with the world based on how I’m feeling. It also means I’m an idealist, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. I suspect that my personality, which helps me in my profession as a therapist, is setting me up for some feelings of chaos in these tumultuous days.

So, I’ve decided that for the month of February, I’m getting off social media and all media outlets. Some may say I’m sticking my head in the sand but, I’m ok with that.  I need a time to reset and to focus on issues in which I believe my voice can be heard above the political din. Maybe my head in the sand, or in the clouds, or delving into issues of mental health, recovery and my faith walk is exactly where I need to be.

I invite those of you who want to discuss issues of substance but are tired of the political noise to join me as I blog for the month of February about, well, honestly, whatever I’m thinking about at the moment.  I don’t want a set agenda—I want a space to talk freely and without a plan—you and me sharing space to carry each other’s burdens with compassion and tolerance.  I invite your comments and discussion but this will be a place of inclusion and no divisiveness will be allowed.

Starting Wednesday, February 1st I’ll be blogging at www.oakcitywellnesscenter.com. If you’d like my posts delivered to your inbox, please sign up for the mailing list on the website.

Here's to us and a body, mind and spirit reset,